What Copier.SG offers

Copier.SG Pte Ltd

specialises in office equipments, solutions and services to fulfill your office automation requirements.

We provide lease-financing and maintenance agreements of multi-functional devices.

For project-based and new company setups, short-term equipment rental can be tailored to minimise your expense and financial commitments.

We also offer services such as on-site and in-house printing / scanning solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We satisfy your company needs in the most economical way. We specialise in rebuilt machines to ensure our customers get the best value, without compromising on quality. Copier.SG focus on service & maintenance.
We benchmark our services to be above manufacturers.

We target a 2-hour response time for all service calls. We constantly review our clients' machine usage and scheduled preventative maintenance.

This will significantly reduce down-time for the machines, which is critial to your business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer best value and quality products/services to all our clients. Our clients range from SME, Government sectors to MNCs, including site offices, large-scale operation offices, childcare centres, schools, temples, churches, shipyards, oil-rigs, vessels, print centres, etc...

Other services includes:

  • Professional installation of drivers, scan to folders/email
  • Network setup & support
  • Relocation of machine to new offices / sites
  • On-board vessel installation
  • Maintenance agreements of existing office equipments