Copier.SG Pte LtdĀ is a locally owned and operated company which was established to provide office equipments, solutions and services to our valued customers.

We have a highly dedicated sales team to tailor to your company requirements and a team of experienced technicians providing prompt and competent service for your company daily operations.

Our Mission
“Provide affordable options to the purchase of new equipments, without compromising on quality and services.”

Our VisionĀ 
“Provide innovative, effective and efficient solutions for the advancement of clients’ requirements ”

Why Copier.SG?
We satisfy your company needs in the most economical way. We specialise in rebuilt machines to ensure our customers get the best value, without compromising on quality. SG Copier focus on service & maintenance.
We benchmark our services to be above manufacturers.

Our sales of rebuilt office equipments are professionally handled before deploying to the clients.
1. The equipments are carefully picked by our experienced technical team from suppliers’ warehouse.
2. The equipments will firstly be inspected by the technical team for any existing or potential performance issues.
3. The parts will be thoroughly cleaned; worn-out parts will be replaced.
4. The machines will go through another rigorous check to ensure our high standards of quality.
5. Finally, the exterior of the machine will be cleaned up and wrapped, ready for delivery.

Quality assurance
All rebuilt machines that leave our workshop are guaranteed to function and look like new. We offer a 5-year maintenance agreement, similar when you buy brand new machines.

With quality products at affordable pricing, we are confident to earn and keep our satisfied clients.